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Beaded fringe is the perfect addition to a flapper dress for a themed event or a costume for a dance recital. The gold color creates the most glamourous, sophisticated style and can complement a variety of colors and shades.

Beaded trims come in various styles, and this trim features large teardrop-shaped beads that alternate with medium round beads. Each bead is attached with tiny seed beads and has varying lengths. This pattern creates a unique and interesting detail for all your favorite projects.

The trim measures 1-1/4 inches. Purchase our Gold 1-1/4 Inch Beaded Fringe by the yard for small projects. For bigger projects, consider purchasing by the spool for the best value.

Style #: 96504-0043-16
Price per Yard : $6.99
Price Per Spool : $41.90
10 Yds @ $4.19 Yd

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