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This emerald green beaded fringe is the perfect trim to embellish everything from curtains to flapper-styled dresses. Add a touch of sophistication to your dining room or a finishing touch to a lampshade. This trim is simple to apply with a backstitch or fabric glue, making it accessible to everyone from beginner crafters to expert seamstresses.

The trim measures 1 1/4 inches and features large teardrop-shaped beads alternating with medium round beads. The teardrop beads are attached with up to four tiny coordinating beads on top and one on the bottom, creating an intricate design with variations in length. Each round bead is finished with a seed bead as well.

Purchase the Green 1-1/4 Inch Beaded Fringe by the yard or by the spool for the best value.

Style #: 96504-0033-16
Price per Yard : $6.99
Price Per Spool : $41.90
10 Yds @ $4.19 Yd

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