Green 1-1/8" X 3/4" Self Adhesive Awareness Bow Embroidered Applique - 10 Pieces

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Spread your support for causes you feel passionate about with awareness ribbon patches by TrimPlace. Our Green Embroidered Awareness Bow applique can adorn any fabric, so you can easily spread awareness and show your support in a subtle, yet impactful way. Whether you’re an avid crafter, master seamstress, or don’t have a crafty bone in your body, anybody can use our awareness ribbon bows as they feature a self-adhesive backing for easy peel-and-press application.

Each bow measures 1⅛” x ¾” and is packaged on individual appliques with clear backing for easy use. These bows are available in packs of ten.

Style #: C58447-33
Price Per Package: $9.83
10 Pieces 

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