Teal 1-1/8" X 3/4" Self Adhesive Awareness Bow Embroidered Applique - 10 Pieces

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Awareness ribbons are colored ribbons folded in a loop and used to create public awareness for important social issues and various health conditions. Each colored ribbon represents a variety of conditions and causes. TrimPlace’s tiny Teal Awareness Bow applique will tell the world you care about the issues that are near and dear to your heart. Each deep teal, embroidered ribbon features a self-adhesive backing for easy peel-and-press application to scrapbooks, jackets, towels, purses, and more.

The embroidered bow appliques measure 1⅛” x ¾” and are conveniently packaged on their own clear backing for easy application. Teal awareness bows are available in packages of ten.

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10 Pieces

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