Trimplace Pewter 1-1/4" Beaded Ball Fringe

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Give your projects a mirror ball vibe with beaded ball fringe. Each bead is constructed and attached entirely with tiny seed beads. The light reflects off each bead to create the most lovely sparkle.

Adorn upholstery, drapes, pillows, and more. Put a finishing touch on an elegant evening gown or create a glamourous costume with this fabulous, beaded fringe. You will find application easy with the thin, flat ribbon that is easily concealed with a hand stitch, fabric glue, or sewing machine.

Options for purchase include by the yard for small projects, or for larger projects purchase by the spool.

Style #: 96509A-55
Price per Yard : $12.99
Price Per Spool : $23.37
3 Yds @ $7.79 Yd

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