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This beautiful, pure white bullion fringe brings a light, airy, bridal feel to any project. The shiny finish is perfect for adorning the base of chairs, sofas, or ottomans. Bullion fringe is a traditional staple with various applications from clothing to home décor projects.

Our white bullion fringe measures three inches in length and each thin fringe is placed for optimal texture where you’ll be able to admire the movement on an apparel piece or an antique rocking chair, or they will be more stationary on your formal dining room drapes.

There’s no limit to what you can do with bullion fringe. Purchase by the spool for the best value. For smaller projects you can purchase by the yard. We have bullion fringe available in various colors and lengths.

Style #: 99203-01-16
Price per Yard : $3.99
Price Per Spool : $26.29
11 Yds @ $2.39 Yd

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