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Five Reasons to Say YES to More Sequin Trim

Want to sparkle just a little more these days or bring a little shimmer of light to friends and family?  Since the origin of sequins, the shiny decorative discs have been synonymous with wealth and fashion.  The sequins of the past were round, like coins, but now you find sequins in so many colors and shapes, your creativity will know no bounds.   Adding sequins to your daily life can be quick and easy, as well as the perfect addition to the gift you are planning to give for that next big occasion.  You will find that sewing trim is your new favorite thing.

Ideas for Adding Sequin

1. Sequin Trim Is Just What That Outfit Needs to Be Fabulous

Keeping a wardrobe fresh yet affordable can be an on-going challenge.  Even our favorite pieces can lose their appeal and become boring over time.  The answer?   A sewing trim can turn a plain t-shirt into simply amazing.  It may seem like an intimidating task at first, however sewing trims come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs so that you will be an expert in no time.   Adding sequin trim to the cuffs of a blazer or the neckline of a plain blouse can take drab work attire to a chic night out ensemble with minimal effort

2. Sewing Trims for Special Occasions

Whether it is a costume for the local production of a popular play or the sweetheart neckline of a prom dress, sequin trim is a striking addition.  As in the earliest days of sequins, the presence of these sparklers elevates the appearance of wealth and draws the eye to the flashes of light and movement.  Your budding actor or trendy teenager will be the center of attention, and their confidence will shine as brightly as the delightful discs.  Sewing trims add eye-catching light to any special occasion clothing.

3. Add a Little Sparkle to Crafty Gifts with Sequin Trim

Many people appreciate the personal touch of a homemade gift; let yours stand out with a cheerful twinkle by adding a sewing trim.   Your gift of hand towels will offer an impressive personal flair – they will never know how easy it was to add! 

You can also embellish other gifts with sewing trim, such as: 

  • tote bags
  • candles
  • frames
  • Christmas stockings

4. Sequins on Cards and Scrapbooks

There are few items more thoughtful than a homemade card or scrapbook.  You can make your gift more sentimental without revealing how easy it was to add a little something extra.  Sequin trim brings memories to movement in a scrapbook, catching the light and framing the pictures or pages.  The sparkles give a personal touch and elevate the thoughtfulness of the gift.

5. Every Day Is an Occasion to Sparkle!

Pretty soon, you will find reasons to add sewing trim and sequins to things you use every day.  Hairbows, curtain ties, throw pillows – all can be enhanced with the cheerful light and shimmer of sequin trim.  You may even find yourself looking for gifts that would benefit from the addition of your shiny, cheerful detail work.  Since it is so easy to do, it will be hard to keep from adding this simple touch to everything!



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