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The Best Appliques for Spring Craft Projects

Are you inspired by pastels, florals, and all things spring? Lean into that inspiration for your spring craft projects. We have excellent fabric appliques, trims, and other accessories to take your crafts to a new level. You don’t need to leave your home to start shopping for your next spring project.

At Trimplace, we carry hundreds of textile trim products so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Our highly skilled technicians utilize traditional manufacturing techniques that result in only the highest quality of fabric products.

Stay tuned to see how you can get started with fabric appliques, sparkly appliques, and more!


Appliques for Fabric

Appliques are ornamental pieces of fabric piece or patches. They come in various shapes, patterns, and colors that can be used in a more significant piece on their own or to form a larger pattern. Fabric appliques are a quick and easy way to spruce up any craft. Our appliques and fabric accessories are beginner-friendly and expert-approved.

Our fabric appliques can be sewn on, ironed on, or pressed into designs to add flair and whimsy. Check out our collection of appliques and fabric accessories to see how you can incorporate these treasures into your future craft projects.


Sparkly Appliques

Embroidery and embellishments can glitz up any clothing item or accessory. Our sparkly appliques add shine and drama without having to spend hours sewing small and intricate beads and sequins. Consider adding one of our favorite sparkly appliques from the following list to dress up your next garment project:

Glittery White Butterfly Sparkly Applique

Silver Metallic Embroidered Star Applique

Embroidered and Beaded Gray Sparkly Applique


Dealing with intricate beading and sequins can seem stressful, but the process of adhering to fabric appliques and sparkly appliques is easy to do. Adding a slight shimmer and light can make an everyday outfit event-ready, and this is just one of the many reasons to add more sequins to your garments and other projects. Worried about applying these delicate appliques? Follow along with this guide to apply sequined appliques to the fabric.

If sparkly appliques aren’t your style, we know you’ll find something you like at our online fabric trim store. So if you fancy traditional lace or like to make things fun with fringe, we’ve got something for you too.


Spring Craft Project Ideas

Whether you’re looking to make Easter-inspired crafts or take on a new spring sewing project, we have so many ideas out there to help get you started.

Check out a few of our spring craft project ideas:

  • All things spring quilt - Create an on-theme quilt using lace trim
  • Fabric flowers - Use a variety of cords and braids to create one-of-a-kind fabric flowers to welcome new blooms
  • Bedazzled bows - For spring events, DIY a bedazzled bow (pro tip: you dont have to start from scratch - check out our bows for a leg up).

If you’re just getting started, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - start by learning the basics in decorative sewing trim.

Trimplace is the perfect online shop for crafters and fabric lovers. Whether you're a hobbyist sewer or garment manufacturer, we have the materials to help you find the proper trim for all of your textile needs.

From fringe and trim to braids and beads, we keep our craft supply store up-to-date with what’s trending in craft materials. Check out our new items to get inspired for your next craft project.


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