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Fringes for the Holidays

Whether you’re a year-round crafter, or you reserve your crafting abilities for the holidays, your skills will surely be on full display this holiday season!

TrimPlace is the perfect home for crafters of every skill level. This holiday season, we have a guide of fun projects to try featuring fringe trims perfect for decorating your home and creating meaningful gifts for loved ones.


Throw Pillows with Ball Fringe Trim

Throw pillows are one of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays. It’s so easy to swap your couch’s pillow covers for some holiday-themed covers and change the whole room’s look and feel.

Suitable for novice crafters to the seasoned pro, simply cut your fabric the same dimensions as your pillow insert, layer them right sides together, and pin. Using the same dimension as your pillow insert creates a luxurious full look.

Use fabric glue or your sewing machine to sew along the perimeter leaving a 10” gap to stuff in your pillow insert. Pro tip: snip the fabric’s corners before you sew the cover together - this creates a crisper looking corner.

Create your own pillow covers complete with adorable ball fringe trim by following this tutorial.


Tree Skirts with Ball Fringe Trim

A tree is not complete without a tree skirt, and for those of us who like to put our tree up immediately following Halloween, the lack of wrapped presents underneath makes a tree skirt even more essential. Why not create your own this year, and finish it with this gorgeous white and gold ball fringe trim? Something about this ball fringe trim feels so sweet and festive!

The best thing about making your tree skirt means that you can make the appropriate size no matter how small your tree is. If you’re the kind of person that has a tree in every room, you are familiar with the trouble of finding a tiny tree skirt for a tabletop tree!

Follow this easy tutorial to create your own fun tree skirt complete with ball fringe trim.


Fringe Holiday Dress

If you’re looking for a more advanced project this season, why not take on creating your very own holiday dress complete with festive, bright red fringe. There’s something about a knee-length dress covered in long fringe trim and the way it reflects movement and Christmas tree lights that will have you standing out in the crowd whether you’re at the family Christmas party or your work’s holiday party.

This tutorial shows you how to upcycle an old dress and make it a fringy dream. It features just a few rows of fringe, but you should feel free to fringe up the entire dress!

The holidays are an excellent time to experiment with decorative fringes that speak to you and spark joy. TrimPlace has a wide selection of quality trim from which to choose. You’re sure to find the perfect trim for any project – from dresses to tree skirts and everything in between.

We would be remiss not to mention the other trims we stock, perfect for the holidays as well! Check out our selection of sequins, lace, and appliques too. You might find the piece to finish your project you didn’t even know you needed! Happy crafting, and happy holidays from your TrimPlace family!


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