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Featured Appliques by TrimPlace: DIY Hair Bows

Do you love bows on baby girls? You’re not alone! Brand new baby girls get hats with big old bows, and caregivers love to adorn those sweet baby noggins with big, soft headbands with bows. Whether you’re preparing for your own baby or looking to create beautiful hair bows for babies to sell in your shop, TrimPlace has all the appliques and elastic you need to create DIY hair bows.


Choose your Bow Applique

When it comes to creating your hair bows, first decide on your bow applique. The bow applique is the focus of your piece, so you’ll want to select it first, then you can decide if you’d like to attach the bow applique to a clip or an elastic band to make a headband.


Bow Applique Hair Clips

To create a bow hair clip, all you need is: 

Once you’ve determined which style of hair clip best suits your bow applique, simply attach the bow to the clip with hot glue. Carefully press the applique into the glue, taking care not to burn yourself. Be sure to wait until the glue is set entirely before putting it in your baby’s hair.


Bow Applique Headbands

Headbands featuring big bow appliques are all the rage in baby girl fashion right now. There are various looks and styles to choose from, and again, it’s best to choose your applique first, then select material or elastic to best suit the applique.

You will need: 

  • Applique
  • Elastic
  • Needle and thread (recommended), or hot glue and a glue gun
  • Scissors


Cut your elastic to the appropriate length. For babies, follow these measurement guidelines:

  • Newborn - 13 inches
  • Three to Six Months - 14.5 inches
  • Six to Eighteen Months - 16 inches
  • Child - 17.5 inches
  1. Place your elastic in a circle and be sure it’s not twisted.
  2. If you are sewing, pinch the elastic ends together, so that the outer sides are touching. Secure the elastic with several stitches.
  3. Cut the excess elastic as short as possible. You might consider pressing it flat, using an iron on the appropriate heat setting for your elastic.
  4. Next, attach your applique. You can consider the seam of your elastic to be the very back of the headband, or you can place your applique directly on top of it to camouflage the seam.
  5. Using a needle and thread, or hot glue, securely attach the applique to the elastic. If you use glue, wait until the glue is set completely before putting it on your baby.


Once you’ve mastered the art of attaching bow appliques to elastic headbands and clips, don’t forget, TrimPlace has a wide selection of appliques from which to choose. Next, try flowers, stars, or even pins. Appliques are a fun way to add some flair and personalization to all of your DIY projects.

TrimPlace is also home to, you guessed it, trim! We currently stock over 1,000 trim products to choose from, and we are always adding new products. For all your crafts and projects, remember TrimPlace, and consider purchasing trims by the spool to save over forty percent!


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