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Our Favorite Novelty Trims

Adding decorative trim to your crafts and sewing projects is an easy way to finish a look, add pizzazz, or personalize it. There are so many different kinds of trim, making it such a fun step in any project.

Novelty trims are fabric trims that are fancier than your average fabric trim. Novelty trim often includes embellishment with sequins, rhinestones, chains, leather, or something else. Because of novelty trims’ complexity, careful consideration needs to go into attaching the novelty trim to your garment or craft. In many cases, hand sewing with a blind stitch or a blanket stitch is the best option for attaching the novelty trim in a way that doesn’t damage it or take away from the aesthetic appeal.


Our Favorite Sequin Trim

Sequin trims are among our favorites, and they’re a favorite with our customers, too. Sequins are so beautiful and add so much intricate detail and sparkle to costumes and gowns, and even sneakers and backpacks. The downfall of sequins is that attaching them to your garment one-by-one can be painstakingly time-consuming. That’s why we love sequin trim so much! You can add so many sequins with a lot less effort for the same effect.


Black One Inch Sequin Trim -

With Halloween coming up, we have to feature this striking black sequin trim. This novelty trim will spice up any spooky costume from a witch to a vampire to a pretty spider. Embellish a bodice, or simply add it along the edges for added intricate detail with minimal effort.


Multi-Colored Half-Inch Cupped Sequin Flower Trim -

This novelty trim features pastel-colored sequins sewn into an intricate flower design. The trim features a mesh backing to attach to your project without a fuss.


Our Favorite Rhinestone Trim

Rhinestone trims add all the glamour and glitter of diamonds to your projects in an affordable way. Whether you’re creating a dance costume or an embellished belt to upgrade a little black dress, rhinestones are a great addition. Rhinestone trims make it easy to attach a lot of stones at one time, with ease.


One Row Crystal with Apron Edge -

This rhinestone trim features a single row of iridescent gemstones along the bottom of an apron, to easily attach the rhinestones to your project.


Pink Rhinestone Trim -

Rhinestones come in every color of the rainbow, and these sweet, light pink stones set in silver are gorgeous. They measure just 1/8th inch, so you can add some sparkle while still being subtle and minimalistic.


Novelty Trim Tips

Before you begin working with novelty trims, follow these two TrimPlace tips for the best results.

  1. Prevent warping by pre-shrinking. Before you add your trim to complete your project, you must read the directions and treat your trim beforehand by washing and drying it. Ensure you place your trim in a lingerie bag or a sock before placing it in the washing machine and dryer.
  2. Stop fraying ends with tape. When you snip your trim, the ends will unravel, and your trim could fall apart. Immediately following your cut, place a piece of masking tape on the trim’s edge and carefully remove it just before you begin sewing.

TrimPlace has a wide selection of trims in every style- from fun, and fancy novelty trims to standard twill trim, we’re sure to have the perfect trim to complete your project. Our trims are made with only the best quality materials, so we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, and you can save up to forty percent by purchasing by the spool!


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