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How to Sew Sequins

Sequins are small, plastic disks available in every color and used to embellish projects. Sequins are meant to be sewn into place and have a small hole in the center for the thread. There are several methods to consider when hand-sewing sequins for a variety of looks, but once you know how to attach a sequin to your fabric, the options are unlimited. All you need to get started is:

  • Sequins
  • A needle that fits through the hole in the sequin
  • Thread that matches your sequins
  • Fabric


How to Sew Sequins in a Row

For all your projects, be sure to pretreat your fabric if needed before you embellish with sequins.

To sew sequins side by side in a line, follow these steps. 

  1. Thread your needle and tie a knot in your thread
  2. Insert your needle into the underside of your fabric and through the first sequin.
  3. Put your needle back through the fabric on the right side of your sequin.
  4. Bring the needle back up on the left side of the sequin, then back through the center. Your sequin is now secure on both sides.
  5. Place the next sequin on your fabric next to the stitched sequin, and bring your thread up the middle. Repeat steps one through five until you’ve finished your line.

You can use this method to stitch sequins in straight lines or curve all over the fabric. Be sure to keep your fabric flat to avoid puckering.


How to Overlap Sequins

Overlapping sequins cover most of the thread and create dense shapes and patterns full of sparkle.

Follow these steps to create overlapping rows of sequins: 

  1. Thread your needle and knot the thread. Bring the needle through the underside of your fabric on the right side of your sequin. Then thread through the center. Your first sequin is now secure on one side.
  2. Layer the next sequin on top of the stitched side, and bring your needle through the hole of the second sequin.
  3. Next, bring your needle down through the fabric on the right side of the sequin, and repeat the process until you have completed your rows.

Use this method to create lines or fill in shapes.


How to Scatter Sequins

To create a scattered effect over your project, you can use one of two methods, with or without a seed bead. To scatter sequins without a bead, follow steps one through four of “how to sew sequins in a row.” Knot the backs of each sequin and repeat in a random scattered effect. To use the method with a seed bead, you can use a clear bead or a bead with a color that matches your sequin. 

Follow these steps using a bead larger than the sequin hole. 

  1. Thread your needle and knot the thread. Bring it through the underside of your fabric and up through the center of your sequin. If your sequins are faceted, they should be facing up.
  2. Thread your needle through the center of the seed bead.
  3. Take the needle back through the center of your sequin.
  4. Knot off the back.


This method is lovely because you hardly see any thread, the edges of the sequin are free to move and catch more light, and the bead adds texture and detail.


Sequins are excellent accessories to dress up your project and add some sparkle, but they can be very time consuming to attach individually. If you’re committed to hand sewing sequins, make sure you use a thimble! If you have a project that requires lots and lots of sequins, TrimPlace has a wide selection of sequin trims that make it easy to achieve your desired effect more efficiently.


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